Academic Integrity Policy

Academic Integrity Policy
Knowledge channels Training Center undertakes to commit its employees in all their dealings to honesty and Academic Integrity Policy and respect the intellectual efforts of individuals.all employees of the academy should work in accordance with this policy to raise the level of the center and achieve the standards of success. this policy is part of the terms of use of the website of knowledge channels training center.
Any violation of the integrity policy issued by the user would violate public decency, rules, regulations, instructions and training decisions, or conduct prohibited and contrary to the information crimes system, counterfeiting system, training systems and regulations in the center and the general rules in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, will lead to the user’s accountability and take the necessary measures to apply the punishment in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.
For example, without limitation, for unauthorized violations:
Cheating in activities, assignments or electronic tests.
Academic plagiarism using other people’s work and attributing it to the same student or presenting an activity, assignment or test about others.
Obtaining or providing unauthorized assistance in Tests (paper and electronic) or other academic work.
In case of any violation of the aforementioned academic integrity policy, the violator shall be liable to the following penalties::
When doing cheating at the time of the test:
Consider the trainee a failure in the test material.
Denial of registration for upcoming courses.
When impersonating a user to access the e-learning system to do training work:
Review the behavior of the trainee with the attachment of evidence (if any).
The trainee is notified of the disciplinary action before it is carried out.
Keep the case confidential.


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