Copyright Policy

The website of the knowledge channels center is subject to the intellectual property protection system, the executive regulations and the relevant instructions and includes texts and graphics of information, software (contents), designs and other materials.the software of the site is classified as original works according to the system. users of the knowledge channels Center site must be aware of the center’s policy regarding copyright in accordance with the intellectual property system, executive regulations and related instructions, taking into account the regular use of these copies.
The user must also observe the intellectual property system and its Implementing Regulations in general, in particular the following:
1-take into account that all content published by the user on the pages of the center’s website does not conflict with the intellectual property system and the rules of publication, this includes (but is not limited to) the following:
Research published in scientific conferences and journals.
Books and literature in electronic format.
Any electronic materials are not owned by the user and have copyright.
2-only personal and non-profit use is allowed to benefit from the content of the site and all the information published on it, with the need to indicate that the site of knowledge channels training center is the source of that content and information. the case of personal use, any parts of the content can be printed only once.
4-before publishing any content or evidence transferred from other sites, the user must ensure that the copyright of the other site is not violated, as the user assumes all responsibilities resulting therefrom. may not in any way sell, license, rent, modify, copy, reproduce, reprint, upload, advertise, transmit, distribute, publicly display, edit or create derivative works from any materials or contents of this website for public or commercial purposes.
Knowledge channels Training Center confirms the need to abide by the intellectual property rights and publication of all images, logos and texts that are uploaded on the website in accordance with the publishing policies of knowledge channels center.we warn against copying or quoting any images or logos or texts and upload them on the site without reference to their source. the violator bears all responsibility when violating this, taking into account not to violate the limits of personal use as indicated by the regulation.


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